“I love having my dad here. His CNAs care for him like family, and he has made some really good friends among the residents. I wouldn’t have considered anywhere else for Dad to go!”

– Daughter of resident, Roy Allison Sr.

“There is some wonderful staff here. I have made friends with both the staff and the residents who live here. Stephen in rehab was fantastic to work with! I will miss everyone and am so thankful to have the team I had caring for me.”

– Margaret Brooks

“Everyone I encountered was sweet and attentive. The rehab I received was fabulous and I felt that the therapists truly cared about my progress. And, the social worker, Sabine, made sure that everything was set for me to go home.”

– Ms. Delores Newnum

“Everyone is so friendly here. It’s truly a large family.”

– Ms. Torres

“I was originally at a facility after my accident and the stay wasn’t as pleasant as I would have liked. My family and I live close to Westmoreland Rehab, so my significant other did a tour with Alexis, the admissions director. She let me see the building on FaceTime and I got to meet the staff virtually before arriving. Since I arrived, I have felt such a relief being here. Westmoreland has a lot of staff that are hardworking and quick to fix any mistakes that come up. The CNAs are friendly. Doug in therapy is so fun to work with and all the therapy team has a great sense of humor! For there being so many differing personalities, there is great teamwork, and my nurses always take a little extra time just to check up on me. Coco comes in every single morning to say hi and check in to see how my night was. I would absolutely recommend this facility to anyone who needs rehabilitation!”

– Tracy Leadmon

Mr. Parker is a LTC resident here at Westmoreland Rehab. He came to us to receive physical therapy and regain mobility in order to get back to his normal routines. This is what Mr. Parker has to say about the environment. 

Westmoreland has become my home and I love it here. The staff has become family to me, they are kind and loving. I enjoy the activities and the atmosphere. The building is clean, I enjoy the food, and I spend time with some of my closest friends playing checkers and watching the old westerns. 

Mr. Parker  

“This was my second time at Westmoreland Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. Stephen in rehab helped me out so much that now I’m able to go home confident in my ability to care for myself and move around. The CNAs were very kind and so caring to me, especially Stephanie! I don’t have any family local to the area, but when I was here, I felt like I was surrounded by family. Coco gives me the best hugs and always comes to say hello every morning.  I have really enjoyed being here for a second time and would return if I needed more therapy in a heartbeat!”

– Ms. Belfield

“I can’t say enough good things about this building and the kind people in it. The nursing staff were kind, attentive, and good listeners. Therapy was the best part. I knew the first time I met Stephen and the ladies in the therapy department that they had my back and would ensure I got well enough to return to my wife. When I came here, I could not get out the bed by myself. But now, I feel like I am a 50-year-old man again! I can move around good, and I am confident in myself again! I have made some dear friends here with both staff and other residents and will miss them greatly.”

– Mr. Perry

“My stay was wonderful. The nursing staff were attentive, and my room was clean. The very best part was the physical therapy team! They gave me so much motivation and supported me every step of the way. I really am going to miss my time with Stephen but hope to come visit.”

– Ms. Janson

“The nursing staff who cared for me was very kind. There were three people who really stood out; Kim, Virginia, and Kelly were all so kind and supportive! I gave them each a keychain with a nursing theme as a goodbye/thank you present.”

– Ms. Janson

“I have really enjoyed my time here at Westmoreland Rehabilitation, this has been such a pleasant stay. I have greatly appreciated how clean the staff keeps the facility! There were never any bad smells and my room was tended to daily. I also met two of the kindest nursing staff while here, Rhonda and Pauline. They were just wonderful!”

– Mildred Mays

“The staff here was wonderful. They were attentive and compassionate, and my room was always kept clean by housekeeping staff. When the time came for me to leave, the social worker made sure I had everything I needed for a safe trip back home. I really enjoyed everyone there!”

– Anna Scites

“When Ms. Anderson first came, she was pleasant, but deconditioned as many residents are when they first arrive from the hospital. She had orders for weight bearing as tolerated for her left lower extremity d/t a L subtrochanteric/proximal femur fracture as well as non-weight bearing orders for her right upper extremity d/t a R distal radius fracture. She required MOD A/MIN A for functional mobility including transfers with minimal ambulation, using a front wheeled walker, d/t pain. She required MAX A for ADLs primarily for lower body ADLs. Through skilled OT/PT intervention and once her weight bearing orders were upgraded, she quickly progressed. She is now performing mobility with use of walker at a supervised assistance level, but also demonstrated ability to ambulate only requiring hand-held assistance. PT is now able to perform ADLs with supervised/standby assistance. She has very minimal complaints of pain and is performing close to baseline prior level of function.”

– N. Anderson

“The first time I came into the building, Jessica came into my room with a warm smile and introduced herself to me. She asked me if I wanted to get out of bed and I told her it was up to her what she wanted to do with me. She said to me “No ma’am, I am here to take care of you, and your needs, so if you would like to get up, I’ll gladly help you right now, and if you want to rest longer that is perfectly okay too! Jessica is just the best CNA who has ever taken care of me, maybe the best in the whole building! I had a day where I was in a lot of pain and Jessica sat beside my bed and held my hand until I was finally able to fall asleep. You can’t find that kind of genuine love and compassion anywhere.”

– Ms. Withers

“This is my third PT service. I am very satisfied with the therapy that I received. My first session had to do with my left shoulder My second was my left leg (lateral tibial plateau), and my third for my right knee. I highly recommend Jocelyn & John, my therapists! If I need PT again, I will be sure to return.”

– Louis Steiglbauer

“It was a good idea to have pre-hab before my joint replacement, even for just a few sessions. It really made such a difference in my recovery.”

– Louis Steiglbauer

Westmoreland – absolutely great care and wonderful staff!
“I’m so pleased with my progress and how quickly I was able to get back to normal activity. Absolutely great care and wonderful staff!”

– Michele Thompson

Westmoreland Rehabilitation Got Me Moving!
“Colonial Beach is very fortunate to have you all. Everyone is very nice and Dr. Sam helps to keep me moving.”

– Madeline Rose

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